Tuesday, July 12, 2016

"Post some words of wisdom that speak to you"

Well first of all there are many many that ring true to me. But right now I can think of one that one of my college teachers taught me...she said make sure that when you leave the house you kiss and hug yhe person you love even if you are mad because you just never know. I know someone personally that she was mad at her dad for some stupid reason. She didn't want to speak to him and when there was a chance to and missed the opportunity to fix things. He died in an car accident and she always regreted talking to him a few daus before he passed. I always leave the house in the morning before I go to work by kissing and hugging my mom. Becuase no matter what disagreements we may have nothing will between us, and everything can be compramised. And if it can't we can always say we agree to disagree, right? Something I like as well is don't do any thing to someone you won't anyone to do to you. That's just common curtacy.

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