Saturday, July 30, 2016

Panhandelers...what's your stance?

Whag do you guys think about the people who stand out in the street asking for money? Lately I noticed more and more of them. Ok so I used to give them money I thought ok one dollar isn't much, right? But then multiple things happened. Like there is this one on a very popular street corner that like to "clean" people's windshields. I told him no once and he used the squggie to him my back window of my car. WTF? Then I heard about this one guy that panhandles but he goes home to a mantion. I think one of my teachers to me that...Moreover my coworker says his dad went to give mcdonalds to one and the panhandeler threw the food back at him because he wanted money instead. I mean now I just don't know if giving them my hard earned money is what I need to be doing...I mean who is to say they are not using it get high or to buy alcohol anyways? I don't give anyone anymore but now I also think about why are they standing on the street corner? Its more than 100 degrees outside and wouldn't it be easier to get a job? IDK...what do you guys think, I'm I being a hard ass or not?

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