Sunday, July 24, 2016

"A letter to anyone"

I want you to know that I only hope that we get closer and closer. That I hope one day you say sorry for all the things you have done that were unfair. I hope one day we act like our relationship calls for. You were supposed to be my protector my example and even those formative years are gone I hope that in the future you begin to act more like what you are. In this year we have made advances in our relationship and I never thought we would ever make it here. If I would have know a dna test would have helped I would have asked for it sooner. But everything in due time, right?  I hope that we both help each other grow. I  need to work on forgiveness and you need to be more of a doer instead of a just a dreamer. I hope you help me with that and I hope I help you with being more grounded. I hope we get to a piont where we will be comfortable and proud in our roles, me as your daughter and you as my dad...

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