Thursday, June 10, 2010

*Originally posted 03-27-2006 8:53 pm

Dollars and sense

Why is it that people change so much when they start making a little money?? They change the way they act, the way the represent them selves, the way they talk to you...? I have no idea why but it makes people crazy. I know of plenty of people that change just cause their account has grown a little. But the funny thing is that since I see so many people everyday, the people that I remember the most and that I remember the names of are people that have treated me nicely, friendly and honestly, not just because they may have a large balance. Because the balance on an account is a temporary thing and can change just as feelings and emotions. I know people just want to be liked and admired buy others but how much is too much?? A big house they can't afford? a nice car you look good in but makes you wish you had a microscope at the end of the month to see the balance in your account??...All I'm saying is that just cause you have it today doesn't mean you will have it tomorrow and we need to stop letting the things that we have DEFINE who we are...because all of us are people and people are never defined by what you have, what defines you is your character and how you treat people...

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