Thursday, June 10, 2010

*Originally Posted 02-28-2006 5:26am

Addicted to Pain?

Why are we so used to abuse? I have come across people that are so used to abuse that when they actually find someone that treats them right it's like they can't believe it...they want people to treat them like crap because they feel at home with drama. DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA....When are people going to start knowing what they are worth and start expecting the best?? Be optimistic... and what could happen? that you could be happy for a change...? and if it doesn't go well then say good bye, wish them well and move on. Like I always say your needs and wants are not always the same. What you want may not be what you need and what you need is not always what you want. So the point is that we should be more open to change...change the way you expect to be treated. Most of the time the reason that someone treats you wrong is because you let them treat you like crap. Be strong, grow a spine and don't let people treat you like that. ( I have been know to be mean at times and to be honest it was all because I knew I could - sorry Carlos) And when you find someone that treats you right don't let them go because if you do it will be your loss.

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