Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I have had my original blog for many years already, about things that happen to my friends and I, this blog will be about a combination of my personal blog and my beauty channel on my Youtube. (shinningstarx) I will re-post many of my the original blogs (that are appropriate) and the original date in which they were posted. I think in your life you are bound to change from when you are young as you grew older and hopefully wiser so dates are important. Sometimes this blog will make you laugh and sometimes I just aspire to work things out in a written way just cause I think it helps me work things out in my mind(if that makes any sense). Another thing sometimes I say "we" and when I say that I mean myself included. By no means do I think what I do is the complete right thing to do and keep in my what I do may not be what I was intending to do or say as far as the action in my past. We all have regrets but the thing is that we have the ability to learn so just take try to learn from my mistakes because I have made a few. So go allow for the ride as I hope to make you laugh on the out side and think on the inside.** Thanks for reading an following. (Oh on a side note , I am a bad speller and I most of the time I have no idea where the commas and semicolons go so don't mind that- having said that I still manage to get my point across. :P )


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