Thursday, June 10, 2010

*Origanally Posted 03-24-2006

Top Ten Reason that Guys Don't & Shouldn't Call Girls Back
Oh yeah read the disclaimer before proceeding because I don't want hate mail!!!! If you happen to fall in to these characteristics my bad I didn't mean to call you out... but maybe you shouldn't be looking at this because girls are getting wise to your short comings here...Basically GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!!!

10).They are gay and in denial (denial not just another river in Egypt!)
9).You make more money than they do (insecurity)
8).They are in love/interested with/in someone else
7).They still live with their parents and don't have shit going on in their life
6).They just want to have fun right now
5).They are on parole
4).They "just" got out of a relationship
3).They are registered sex offenders
2).They are married and their wife IS the jealous type.
1). They just weren't that into you- (Sex in the City)
The good news is that there are "GOOD" guys out there (Carlos I can attest to is one of them) It's just really really hard to find them. When I figure out where they hang out I will be the first to post a bulletin. I hope I put a smile on you all faces!

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