Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Transgender Wife??? *On the news this week*

So you may or may not have figured out where in the world I live...does it say on my profile, I wonder? Well anyways, what is on my mind today? Well I was watching the news tonight. So unfortunately there was a firefighter that died in the line of dury at the beginning of July. This firefighter had a wife and two children from a prior relationship. So when he died his wife was supposed to inherent like 600 thousand dollars of his estate, right? Yeah but the problem with that is that his family finds out that his wife of two years was born a man. Yeah, there in lies the problem. They are now trying to say that she doesn't deserve the money because she had a sex change operation!! She had already had it when she married him. Now the family of the firefighter is saying that she coned him and never told him that she used to be a man and that had he known about that he would have never married her or left her as the beneficiary on death benefits??? So the family of the man dug out a film which the wife is being interviewed more than 15 years old. In this said video the wife a girl at the time says that sometimes she doesn't tell guys that she used to be a man. The family is saying that all the money should be left to the kids and not any to the wife. Now realistically if were in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, and New Hampshire it would have been alright and the wife would have been able to keep the inheritance. But of course we don't, we live in TX. So being in this state which does not perform same sex marriages nor does it recognize same sex marriages she sounds like she may not even have a chance in keeping the inheritance. As it turns out that in TX whatever gender you are born and you have a sex change you are still considered a the same sex on the original birth cirtificate even after you change your sex. So then the marriage isn't legal in TX. A Tx attorney fox spoke with says that even though she was born a man she may still get the insurance if he name her beneficiary of his insurance policy (because that doesn't matter if they were married of not- you can name whoever as your beneficiary to that). Another thing at first I was totally on the wife's side because to me it doesn't matter if you choose to marry girl or guy you are married to them, they have all the rights of a wife or husband whatever. But since doing a little more research it seems that the he might have not known about the sex change after all. As it turns out the wife's attorney had told the husband about the wife's real identity in April of this year and they were separated shortly after that. So separation seems like an action of a man that didn't know he married a woman who used to be a man. So after knowing that I had a total change of heart. But then that makes me wonder if he found that out in April why not get an annulment as soon as possible? or at least change the beneficiary on your benefits or life insurance policy? Probably because he thought he would have more time. The whole story is just really sad.

So tell me peeps, what do you think?

Nikki Araguz, transgender wife of a - Media (1 of 2) Texas mom challenges transgender widow's: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

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