Thursday, June 10, 2010

*Originally posted 03-22-2006 5:52pm

For richer or poorer

Why is it that some girls ask -what can this guy give me when they are talking to a new potential partner in a relationship? Instead of asking what can WE make of this relationship? I know a lot of girls that the first thing they think is what can I get out of this guy? well that is why guys will never take you seriously because genuine care can never be faked. I don't care how good of an actress you are you can't fain things like that. Plus what comes around goes around. Another thing ( I'm about to get on my soap box about this so look out!) Why are those girls not trying to do for themselves?? There is such a sense of satisfaction when you know that the only person that helped you was God. I'm not trying to take anything away from guys or anything because guys are great ( I'm not saying I don't like getting presents but there is a difference between being surprised with something and expecting it or demanding it) I always tell people I don't NEED a man to buy me things. I can buy whatever I want but I can't buy love. TRUE LOVE and that is what I want. So going into a relationship I don't look for what someone can give me because I know that the best thing in life are free, a smile, a phone call (t-mobile people, a hug and kiss (and a WAMU account hint hint everybody...hehehe)...etc. And maybe some people need to start thinking that money and things come and go but people are indispensable...

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