Thursday, June 10, 2010

*Originally Posted 03-13-2006 9:56pm

Playing catch up

How much time is enough to let your heart catch up with your brain? Sometimes we may find ourselves in a friendship or a relationship where you know it's not going maybe because of something that you have no ability to change. In that case your brain has already come to a conclusion and has seen the end to things. So in that instance your heart is trying to catch up with what your brain and your mind already know. But why is it so hard to let go? Why is your heart so stubborn? How much time will your heart need to be able to give as much as you did before? Will you ever find someone like them? where you knew they cared about who you are and never tried to change things about you...I guess sometimes leaving it alone raises less questions. I know everyone is different , some people need more time to be able to care about someone either if it was a friendship or a relationship. For me, I need time to get over the fact that I am losing someone that means so much and that I can trust.

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