Thursday, June 10, 2010

*Originally Posted 03-21-2006 1:27pm

You can call me Charlotte

If anyone knows me just a little they know that I love Sex In the City, and thanks to Carlos who gave it to me for my birthday (thank you Carlos) I have the binder, (stop hating Melissa). Anyway I was hanging out with my friends this weekend and we were talking about who was like what character in the show. Someone who will remain nameless pegged her self as Samantha. I was pegged as Charlotte. Well, I was like why? even though I know why- because of what I believe. But I wanted to know why they thought I was like her character. They said because I'm conservative (their word for boring). But you know what I believe in a lot of things. I believe in God. I believe that God has a plan for everything and everyone. Everything that happens is for the better till it's time to meet Him so I always put my life in His hands. I believe that love can concur almost everything in combination with communication, friendship, respect, understanding, and honesty. I believe in family. I believe in MY family. Through their imperfections I feel the love they show me. I believe in hard work like that saying goes everything worth having is worth fighting for. I work hard for what I have and will continue to keep working hard for what I want. And I believe in the pursuit of happiness. There is someone that values what I value and I know God will help me find him if I haven't already. So if Charlotte is what I am, then yes I accept it and damn proud to be that, too.

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