Sunday, June 5, 2011

RIP Dr. Kevorkian

When I first found out about this Dr. that was performing human euthanasia, I know I was very young. It was very controversial back then which it still is. Since this is my blog I'm going to tell you what I think about it from my prospective. From my frame of reference ie. having had a long history with medical issues. I can understand why people might just want to give up on their lives. Pain tolerance varies from person  to person. I Know I have a high tolerance for pain but not everyone does. When I was shot in the chest I don't remember the first two weeks I was in the hospital because the doctors had me in a medically induced coma. I for one am happy that they did that. I do remember that after one of the many many surgeries I had I came of it in so much pain that even though I couldn't talk I was shaking and groaning because I was in so much pain. I seriously don't remember anytime in my life having so much pain. (they gave me fentanyl immediately, Thank God ). How this relates to my opinion is that if there are people in this world that have that much kind of pain going on all the time with no hope of ever getting better, in that case I understand why they might not want to live. Religion is always what makes everything so complicated. A large majority of people believe that if you kill yourself you will be going to hell. What if the person already thinks they are in hell because of all the pain that they are in? Just for a moment let's say that there is no heaven and there is no hell. Let's say you just die and that it. Is it still hard to approve of what this man did? In the case of  Thomas Youk he had Lou Garrets disease. He wasn't able to move hardly and was in fear that he would die by drowning in his own saliva.To Thomas Dr. K  was a hero! He gave him dignity to die how and when he wanted. Those are extreme cases but they happen. Who are we to stand in to say this person has to suffer through this entrapment of your soul in a body that doesn't work any more? It's kind of weird thinking that this guy is dead. If we could talk to him now , I wonder if the having seen what life after dead looks like, would the Dr have regretted injecting Thomas or just his position on the subject at all? Only he and his maker know, as for me I didn't see him as a bad guy. He gave people the choice to be able to have a say when, where and how they wanted to go. People that might have had years and years for suffering to go. RIP Dr.

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