Sunday, June 5, 2011

Originally posed on Myspace blog 04/15/2011: 6 Years !

So it's that time again when I have to write about my life and think about how I could be dead right now.... Yeah I know what a bummer to think about the day I got shot. I guess now it's like a tradition for me to write about it. I'm not sure if you know or not but six years ago today I was shot in the chest. Yeah it was a bitch but I got through it only with the grace of God. After that day I can complain all I want but that is still the worst/best day of my life. You might wonder why? well yeah that happened to me and while the memories of what happened are fading the lessons learned that day aren't and will never fade. Bottom line not all people in the world have good in them some people will do whatever they have to do to get what they want. I do thank God that he gave me a good attitude to get through it and be a better person for it but I do see why some people are so bitter. Its hard to learn that lesson in life. Because you always grow up being told everyone has a little bit of good in them. Bullshit whoever said that never meet everyone! You know sometimes I wonder about what happened to those three guys, where they could be and if they ever got what they had coming to them. You know that Karma shit. I wonder if they are in jail or perhaps dead?  Only God knows what of them. One part of me hopes they asked for forgiveness so that nothing like what they did to me happens to anyone in their family so they would not have to suffer like I suffered with the colostomy bag for a whole year of my life. But then another part of my wish they rot in hell for what they did and yet another part of me just doesn't give a shit because I know God will take care of them if he has not already done so. I guess I must be tired or grouchy today, I'm not being my usual cheerful, grateful self on my anniversary. I think I am I bit tired. I am happy though to be alive, to be healthy, to be loved and to have my family and my friends and my job. So I guess I try not to complains as much as I have recently. That's what I'll be trying to work on for a while I guess...I don't have insight on life today...

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