Saturday, June 4, 2011

Review: The Four Hour Work Week By Timothy Ferriss

I "read" this book and man does this book open your eyes about the whole world. I was attracted to this book just by the title but after reading this book it actually made me mad. Because he talks about our life here as Americans. He makes a lot of sense. This guy really makes you think about how your life could be if you really didn't have a care in the world. You could be lying on some beach somewhere sipping on a pina colada for all you know, but no your sitting at home writing a review on a book about someone who is doing just that. Working from half ways around that world somewhere. I loved this book because it gives you an option. It give your resources to start making plans so that you could replicate the same actions he did. It seems so easy too... It was an amazing book. It put all these ideas in my head about starting my own business online and how to keep the end in mind as he says all through this book (he means where you have an Internet company that runs itself). This book is about freedom and how to get there. I feel it sort of reminds me of the matrix in a way. He is like Morpheus asking about which pill would you want to take the red or the blue? Once you read this book it will put a fire under your ass to get up and DO something. It's awesome , I recommend it to anyone that has ever HATED their job and wanted to be their own boss. This book is for you!

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