Sunday, June 5, 2011

Originally Posted to Myspace blog 01/22/2010: Down for whatever

So lately I have been thinking and learning a lot through other people's lives. So I have this close friend that got married somewhat of a young age. And yeah that's cool for some people cause if you find someone that you can grow with and they are down for whatever, roll with whatever life throws at you, through thick and thin that's awesome. I get that but for more that half of the people that are now married will end up splitting up. Anyways so my friend loves the person he is with I don't doubt that for one minute but he has found out that the girl hes with isn't open minded about a lot of things. Not only about little things like parting but also on raising their kids and each others parents and on top of all that the financial situation doesn't help at all. As I hear people's problems I always think to myself what would I do if that happen to me? What could I say or do so that would communicate how important this issue is to me? I give advise if it's asked but they are people in committed relationships and the whole nine and have to take my advise with a grain of salt because I have no authority what so ever  I'm damn near 30 and still single. So in any case I don't want to be Negative Nancy, but I don't think it's gonna work out. (BTW I never say to leave the person, I always say to work things out because I'm a romantic at heart) Isn't it fucked up that that's the way life is sometimes? even if two people love each other, even if they have ties that bind like kids, that doesn't mean they should stay together. But for me being single it makes me really wonder about the kind of person that I want to end up with. I know for sure we all change as time goes on. Our life makes us bump paths with people that shape us and into the people that we become. And even as adults you can hear profound things from strangers if you are open to hearing what people have to say. What I'm saying is that it's hard to find someone that you can trust to be as open minded as you are or at least trust to try to understand where your coming from. I guess it is all about communication, talking about what works for you and what doesn't about anything and everything. All I can say is that it's an eye opener...

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