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Originally posted on Myspace blog 01/10/2010 : Moments of favor

You guys already know that Joel always says something that inspires me to write about something. Write a letter or email to a once loved person write something you can open your eyes to God and his works. He was talking about favors that you have not yet seen in your life. To live your life with expectancy, etc. I remember late during the winter of 2008 I was so busy. I was dealing with my job ever so stressful, bought off by another company didn't know about what was going to happen with everything. I knew everything was going to be OK, though. Still dealing with the reversal of roles in my apartment. I had told my mom that she could retire her job because I knew that I could take care of us both. She has worked all her life. It was her time to take a break. Also dealing with a lease expiring soon and feeling like I didn't want to waist my money on renting any more. I started looking for a house. Feeling another frustration because all the houses I looked at were beautiful and that I would love to live in a nice house that was relatively new possibly in Richmond so that I could be away from the hustle and bustle of the city. (I do not know what I was thinking at the time hustle and bustle is a good thing, I think now as long as your house is calm.) Anyways. Plain frustrated. For one I was going at it alone and that in it of it self sucked. I'm looking for a house that I might potential have to live in by myself with the dog. I was also pissed at the Realtor because I had put in so many contract on houses that were in my price range of 100k. Keep in mind I'm a single person that loves to travel and I didn't want to pick a house that was too cheap and I would have to worry about or a house that was too expensive to where I wouldn't be able to take trip as my usual nature. I had gone to see this one brick house in Richmond in a newer neighborhood, two stories the layout was pretty the master was downstairs three bedrooms up, and foreclosed at 102k. I was super excited I had the Realtor draw up the papers as soon as he could and I signed them on the dotted line. In a week or so I was driving home from a restaurant I had dinner at. The phone rings. It was the Syed. He said they gave the house to someone else. At that moment, I was crushed. My dream of living in that house was gone, just like that. I could not help but sob in the car. I was crying so hard I think that guy at the light was staring at me like who killed her dog? lol. I know you guys are going to think it's crazy but as a sobbed I talked to God out load and said God when are you going to make this happen for me? When am I going to find my house? When? When? When? I fell silent for a moment and he responded (not literal) but it was like having a thought in my mind that I didn't think up that came from my tummy. He said "Have Patience" Right when I heard that I stopped crying. And just said OK. I took a deep breath wiped off my tears and accepted what I was told. A few weeks later I was talking to my Realtor and he said to me "In the area you are looking and the price range you are looking for it's going to be almost impossible to find. You need to look else where." I took his advice. I looked in the zip code that was right next to the one that I was currently living in and found some houses that I had not even know where there. Some houses built in 2006. I made a appointment to meet up with Syed and see them. It was early in the morning about 9 o'clock. The sun was out and bright not a cloud in the sky. The moment I stepped in my house I knew. It was bright and sunny in there the two rows of windows let me see and hear the Hallelujahs God was singing from heaven for me and my house. (I'm not trying to boust about my house just trying to tell you how great  God is.) I always wanted a big (2199 sqft), open concept house. It has arches and a 20 foot ceiling over the living room, two stories, granite counter top kitchen, tile in the kitchen, Berber carpet, whirlpool tub in the master, crown molding galore, three bed rooms up stairs(Its just me and my mom I don't need 4 but apparently I need stairs to tone my ass, lol), in a gated community. And that is not the best, the best was that the hour that we went to go see it it was 102k dollars. I had Syed draw up the contract and bring it to the office immediately. The best part about it was that God was not through making me see how he had already lined up the greatest house I could have imagined for me he was going to go beyond my expectations. I was so happy that I found that house I told my co workers about it and they said they wanted to see in on HAR. One hour later after I went to go see it it had come down in price!! From 102k to 85k!! Syed came for me to sign the papers I sent him away to draw up new ones for the lower price. On Feb. 18th 2009 I became a proud first time home owner!! God was guiding my steps all the way here.  So the moral of the story is that there are moments in life of favor waiting for all of us. I believe that God guide us through it all. We have free will but a moment in favor will catch up to you and show you that you are important to Him. He does look out for, opens the right doors, closes the wrong doors for a reason. The reason is probably because there is something he wants to give you that is better than even you can imagine. 

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