Sunday, June 5, 2011

Originally Posted on Myspace blog: 01/31/2010: Thanks!

So you may or may not know my 30th party was last night at my house. Man I remember thinking when I was younger that when I was thirty I would be so old. I must say its nothing like what I expected. I have learned a lot in my life but the most things I have learned from I know its gonna sound weird but I have learned the most from my mistakes. Because of those mistakes I found out who I am. And who loves me for me. My friends and family have been there for me when times where hard. Like when I was in hospital about to die, when my doctor told me he thought I had cancer, when my heart was so broken that I thought I would never laugh again. Bottom line I feel like the first part of my life is over. And the second part of my life is starting but I know now who my friends are now. I love myself more than I have in a long long time. I know that the second part of my life is going to be better than first because I have such a strong bond with them. God couldn't have given me better friends. Thank you for coming to my party and making a special day for me!! I will be posting pics and maybe video later.

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