Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Review: Mighty Tea (chamomile citrus)

Mighty Leaf Tea Chamomile Citrus Blend Herbal Tea  (3x15  bag)
I received three flavors in my Birch Box in September. Like I said when I was opening the box I'm not a tea person. The only time I drink tea is when my mom makes me drink chamomile tea if I'm sick. So needless to say that my frame of reference was limited!  Well as soon as I opened this tea the tea bag looked SO different. It was made of SILK! um, as Cici at my job said, I don't even have anything that's silk so  yeah it's safe to say I have never drank no tea that came from a silk tea bag! My sentiment exactly. So fancy!! It makes me think if the bag that carries the tea is like this then what care do they take to pick out the best to for taste? Must be awesome! It has actual tea leaves that are visible. I mean the tea my mom gives me  has tea leaves in it but it's ground all up so if it were not in that paperish bag  then I don't know if I could tell it were tea as apposed to a dry spice. So the smell was pretty aromatic too! I'm not gonna lie no I don't think I will ever switch to tea from coffee but what I can say is that Mighty Tea is definitely doing it right. They actually are making me want to give tea another once over to see if I might like something other than chamomile. The only thing that I don't like after doing some research for this review is the price. I searched on Amazon and I found that it varies a lot from flavor to flavor some were like 8 bucks (15count) and yet some others were like 28 dollars (15 count). That's a lot of money for tea, I think. If it were coffee I still think it would be a lot of money. I mean if I really liked the flavor a lot then I don't think I wouldn't mind paying for it especially if I were to drink it a lot but since that's not the case I'm gonna have to go say  skip it. But by all means if tea is your thing, then go for it. I looked on their website they have a variety pack for 20 bucks, if you are interested. :)

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