Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My first wedding dress...

All I have to say was that my mom has always been a different kind of mom. When I was about five years old we use to live with my moms friend in California. This was in 1985. Carmen (my moms freind) was married to Raul. Raul was a very friendly man who used to help a lot of people out. So naturally they had lots of acquaintances. So as a result because I lived in their house I was exposed to a lot of people. There was this young man around his early twenties named David (I think -I will have to verify that with my mom) who used to come to the house a lot to hang out with Raul. He had recently immigrated to the US, just like us. I had a crush on him. I know I was five! So I made the mistake of telling my mom and her friend I had a crush on him. So they told David and they played a joke on me. I think I might have told my mom something like when I grow up I'm gonna marry David or something along those lines. So she and her friend took me to a store and bought me this pleated white dress. They told me the next time David comes over your gonna get married. I was confused but what could I do I was five? So the day came when they told me David was going to come over. They were taking pictures of me in my white dress but I was not smiling. I was nervous and when he came over I ran from the front of the house to the back of the house crying saying I didn't want to marry him. I'm sure they were laughing their asses off making fun of me running around the house screaming! Now that I think of it this was kind of traumatizing and pretty embarrassing! But funny as well. You think that had something to do with why when I get in a relationship with some one I immediately think I made a mistake and want to break up with them? I start this second guessing myself and thinking too much about it? Umm...great another can of worms opened. Damn it!

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