Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eight Years and counting...

Today marks a eight years since I was shot. It feels like it didn't even happen to me -almost like it was a lifetime ago. Although I know it did because I have plenty of scars to remind me it did. You know what the only few things I remember about actually being in the hospital are? I remember when I woke up my mom was on the right side of my hospital bed and I started to cry because I couldn't speak. I had tubes coming out of my mouth and a hole in my neck. One of the things that stands by me is that my mom didn't cry( not even once) while I was in there. Maybe she did in private but  not in front of me- and if so I have no knowledge of it. Do you know I have only seen my mom cry about two or three times in my life? I made her cry once by being insensitive and once she cried because of a friend. I can't remember the other time but it wasn't when I got shot. I think if I would have seen her cry I would have understood that magnitude of what happened to me that night eight years ago. Since she is so strong I hope that rubbed off a little on me. I know I always say this but it's true, I'm glad it happened to me. If it would have happen to someone else maybe they would that let that define who they were. Maybe they would be bitter about it. Not me. Because of this I'm aware of how fragile our lives really are. One day you could be doing some mundane thing, something you've done a hundred times before and next could be riding in an ambulance. Crazy. You know I ask God right after it happened? I used to ask him why did it happened to me. He never answered me. But what I can say that if it didn't happen I don't I would be where I am today. Because of this my job found out that I was good at my job so when I came back I got a promotion soon after. What I ask God now is that everyday since I have been able to make him proud of the person I have become- even though I'm not perfect, that saving me that night was worth His work in me. That even though I might not know why He left me on this earth that He one day helps me find out what it is. But most of all  that I do what He left me here to do and all the while I'll be rejoicing in His name.


  1. That is an amazing testimony, brought me back 10 years ago of my own life. You see, I told u we have things in common. Nothing happens by mistake. I was a single mother back then, working on a Bodega, on the worst area behind Downtown Atlanta, with Dominicans, I think it was a few days since I started working, I needed that job so bad...then comes a no older than a 19-20 year old with such a fear look in his eyes, and he asked me for a cigarette box, when I turned around he was pointing a gun to my chest, asking me to open the money drawer, I was frozen,I couldn't speak, when they say, that in those moments you see your life flashed in front of your eyes, all I could think was...who is going to keep my son? Thank God, he sent an angel, and the boy panic, and he took the whole register and run away...from that day, I know God had giving me another chance.Wow, what a powerful story Xiomara! God blessed you!

  2. Wow, that is so funny we do have a lot in common! I'm glad that that dude didn't do anything to you...and that you were ok. You probably have somthing to do aswell.