Sunday, April 3, 2011

Book Review: Straigh Talk No Chaser :How to Find, Keep, and Understand a Man

I recently " read " this book because I had heard from my sister that his first book " Act like a lady , think like a man" was good. I had just read bits and pieces of the book while at a borders by my house a couple of times and from what I read then, it seemed to be interesting. In any case this is my honest review of it. I loved this book. It's simple to the point and concise message. It can teach you to identify in what stage a man is in and look at the bigger picture. A lot of girls my self included have made many mistakes and it talks about those mistakes. I liked it also because he doesn't try to tell you that he didn't make any if fact there are a lot of times in the book when he states he has made many mistakes also. But he learned from them which is what we all should do. He talks about how his first marriage didn't work because he was too young to get married. His theory is that men have to have the three p's before they can even think of getting in something serious like marriage. He says the three p's are provide, protect and profess. He says that providing is just making sure he can get provide for the family that might be having in the future. Protect is that he can keep you safe when you need him. Profess is when he wants and does tell the whole world that he loves you. Steve says that at the beginning you as a woman should know their own power. And that you should take some time to get to know any guys before anything really happens with him. You should ask him questions about him self. Ask about his past relationships and kids if he has any. The more you ask the more clearer the picture should get about what really happened and if he has learned from his mistakes. Basically he goes on to explain and debunk myths we as women here all the time as excuses for why we are single. Since I don't' want to spoil the whole book  I'll just go on to say that I wish this book had come out earlier and I had read this book in my early twenties instead of my early thirties. Its actually teaches you if you listen carefully to identify when you should walk away from people you have no need to be around. Which is what it's supposed to do. Awesome book, Steve Harvey!!

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