Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Avon Nailwear Pro Swatches

Ok these are my fist nail color swatches I have done just like the other eyeshadow swatches were my first. I just tried my best to make them look the best I could with the small nails I have right now. So sorry I don't have longer These nail colors were applied with one base coat of beauty secrets ridge filler three coats of nail color and one layer of the Avon nail expert uv gloss gaurd top coat. So that is a total of five coats. I have to say two more things I didn't say in my video. For whatever reason nailwear pro nail colors are VERY runny nail colors. If you have not purchased them before you should know that before buying them because if you do buy them that might make them a lot harder to work with. At least for me it is I AM NOT A NAIL TECH! as you can see from the Another thing I wanted to say about the color urban grey. Something I noticed while doing my left hand is that that color seems to have a slight shimmer to it, which really isn't noticible untill you really look at them from close up. The Vintage blue is straight up a light baby matte blue color.
One coat of filler base, three of nail color and one of top coat

Urban Grey

Vintage Blue

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