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Avon Haul Review (04/04/2010)

 Yes there are some iteams that are not pictured here. (2- the foot works exfoloating soap and the shower gel. I'll explain later)
1.) Mark mist opportunity : This stuff is a really good product in my opinion. It does what all the mac fix plus does. I personally have the mac fix plus and reading a little bit about it supposedly it has all this stuff really good for your face but I didn't tell a substantial difference between them, to be honest. The only thing is the smell (it's not a horrible smell- just different)of them is a bit different but really that only last a couple of seconds anyways so for the money I think you get twice as much for half the price so I prefer this one. I have repurchased and will continue to.

2.)Avon eyeshadow trio (silverling and plum): I have to be honest, I have only used this once and I have yet to use the silverling one. The color I used was in the plum trio and it was the darkest purple in the trio. I used it as a base and I might have used to much and it creased. So if you were to buy this I would put a base under it like mac painterly paint put or UDPP before and then use this but just a SMALL about so it would not crease. Similar to how you use NYX jumbo pencils. I would not repurchase this because of the consistency (plus I already have bases that do way better than this).

3.)Anew wrinkle zone line smoothing duo: I tried to like this product, I really did.But unfortunately I didn't like it for the purpose in which it was intended. It's supposed to be a concealer for your under eye area. My first problem with it is that it doesn't have enough pigmentation to cover my under eye circles. The the second thing is that when I would put the bottom layer on which it the power it would end up making that area look really really dry. The consistency of this concealer is like the Avon magix face perfecter but thicker than that so I find that if I put it on my cheeks it does do a great job of smoothing out the look of my pores. So I guess it still wasn't money wasted. I guess you could use the powder at the bottom for your face overall if you really wanted to but they really don't even have that many color options. I would not repurchase this.
4.)Sterling silver hammered bypass ring: I love this ring! I have received a few complements on it. The style it pretty unique and I don't see these kinds of rings ofter. I definitely will keep buying silver rings from Avon.
5.)Advanced Techniques moisture sleek: I bought this product hoping that it would be similar to bio silk just because I didn't want to keep buying bio silk (I think its too pricey). I think your should take my opinion on this product like you would with a grain of salt just because of my type of hair. I have short easy to manage hair and on top of that it is pretty fine and thin. So for me, I like it but it would definitely going to depend on what type of hair you have if you liked it or not. I would repurchase because even thought it may not be exactly like bio silk it does do what I wanted it to do which was help my fly aways and make it look shiner. I would repurchase.
6.)Advanced Techniques shine caplets: I did not try these I gave some caplets to my friend EV and she tried them out. She liked them and when I asked her if she would repurchase she said Yes.
7.)Foot Works Exfoliating Bar Soap: (not shown in pic, it was in my moms bathroom)I had my mom help me with this one. She say she liked it but that it dried out her feet. So she found her self needing to put on lotion right after she used it. But then again isn't that what we all should do? She said she would not repurchase.
8.)Nail Experts Liquid Freeze Quick Dry Spray: I didn't feel like this product did anything to my nails. It's supposed to make them dry faster I didn't see a difference other than it left a weird only feeling on my hand and so No, I would not repurchase.
9.)Mark Powder Buff Natural Skin Foundation : I feel like this foundation would be better for people what have nicer skin I on the other hand don't. To me this makes me feel like it works better like a setting power after liquid foundation which it how I have been using it because that's how I can use it up. No, I don't think I would repurchase.
10.) MagiX Cashmere Finish Liquid Foundation SPF 10: Ok, this is another product that I feel it more for people with better skin that mine. I feel the coverage is light a bit more than a tinted moisturizer and not enough for me. Having said that I still like it but not as a foundation more like a primer for my face. I LOVE magix the original (white goes on clear) but this cover because of the tint so as primer I LOVE it as well. So Yes, I would repurchase. Oh and I also feel the need to tell you that if you are thinking of purchasing this product, please be warned there is a weird smell but that is normal for a magix product.
11.)True color (limited edition) Quad: I was surprise at the pigmentation of this quad. I really do like it. I have been wearing it for two of three days straight because I especially like the gray color in it. Since it was a limited edition I don't know if I could purchase it again but since they do have more colors I would defiantly give one of the other color quad a try.
12.) NATURALS Vanilla Shower Gel : (Not shown in the pic because it was in my mom bathroom also)I have to say one of the things I have to tell you about this shower gel, you can't complain that this shower gel doesn't smell like vanilla. OMG, I think that is the only thing that I would when I first used it. It's VERY strong. That is why I don't think that I would purchase that particular one but I would want to try out another kind of gel.( the smell was so strong that  I down grade it to my shaving gel)
13.)SuperSHOCK Gel Eyeliner Pencil in steel, playful and bronze: I love these eye liners, they are definitely like they are described. Well pigmented and so so so so smooth. If I had to say something bad I would say they do set rather quickly but then when they do set they last all day. I would repurchase.
14.)Big Color Glossy Lip Penci in sand, rose and celestial: These is a pretty cool concept, that one would have a lip gloss in a pencil form. But then when you think about it why would you want to sharpen a gloss? they also take up about the same space but then you have to think about having to carry a sharpener with you also. NO. Plus, I just hope you don't ever leave them in a hot place like God forbid your car because you could find a mess when you get back (but that happens with lipstick not gloss) They go on just like a gloss but I would not repurchase.
15.) Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover Lotion: I do like this cream eye makeup remover I have used one bottle already and I have given one away to one of my friends. I like it but I would only repurchase it when it on sale at 99 cents. :P

But Thank You so much for reading and if you have any more questions. Leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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