Sunday, August 22, 2010

What's Love Got to do with it? Everything!

Since I could remember the stories of love I have encountered from the many people I have interviewed had interested me like almost not other subject. I guess that's the case when you really have never had that one true love just show up. At least in my life that's always been the case. I'm thirty and I have never been married nor have ever had a baby (these day one doesn't necessarily come with the other.) Since I have never been there I always ask about it. These are a few of their stories:
Rose and Adrian:
They are friends that have been together for more than 20 years. There love story is so sweet. I asked them one day what they thought made it work? She said respect and communication. They meet in MX when her brother was his best friend. I think because they are so similar they get along well. When they meet, she didn't even like him she thought he was dumb. As time wore on they saw a lot of each other and they started dating. When they were about to get married everyone told her not to do it because she was 15 years younger then he. She did it anyways. She says she made the right decision. So this story is even more compelling because it's about a man that loves his wife with all his heart. They found out later in their marriage she was unable to conceive. She has a medical condition that prevents her from being able to have children. They tried to adopt but the process took too long. And they grew weary of waiting so they decided that it was just going to be them too. One thing that always stands out to me every time I see them is the respect they have for each other. They still say things like honey and love to each other. Maybe because they never had kids but I suspect not. When I'm around them I feel like they would have been great great parents. But God always knows what he has planed and it's always from the best.

Maria and Ramiro:
They have been together for going on 20 years. It's funny with them. They meet in a small city in southern TX. They dated when they were 20 years old and for whatever reason broke up after two years. They meet again two years later at a party and they started talking and this time there were no games. They got married. They now have two kids and they both in high school. As I conducted the interview I ask Ramiro if when they were apart did he think of her. He smiled at me and then looked at his wife and says "Yes, I thought of her often and I missed her."

Maria and Jose:
I know the most Hispanic names ever. But the most interesting story. They meet in Los Angles more than twenty years ago. They had a good relationship from about 5 years when they became pregnant. They were so happy. Unfortunately Maria had a miscarriage at 3 months and they were unable to cope with the miscarriage together. They split up. She said to me even thought they were apart she always thought of him. They were apart for about ten years and they came to ran into each other at a grocery store in another STATE. Can you believe it??!! at a grocery story!!If I had not gotten the story from both of them I would not have believed it! Jose had moved to Houston to be find a job and Maria had moved because she had family in Houston (Jose didn't even know that) They knew nothing about each others move to Houston and yet God put them together at the same time and the same grocery store in the same state and city from which both were more than 2000 miles away from the original place they meet!! They both took that as a sigh. They got married. They are living together now and Maria take care of him because he has diabetes and can't see all that well. But isn't that amazing? How God can make things happen to coordinate things to go they way of LOVE.
I just thought I would share some amazing love stories. Just cause sometimes you need to hear stuff that God had done in other peoples lives so that you will keep hope that one day if it hasn't happened yet it will.

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