Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Movie Review: Eat Pray Love

I give it a ***** out of 5.
Why you may ask, well simply put because I relate. If you haven't seen the movie go. It will especially make sense to you if you have ever been in a place in your life when all you could do is ask for help from God to guide you on your life path. Even if you don't believe in Jesus, Messiah, Mohamed or whatever higher power. If you have ever been desperate for an answer to come your way it will be familiar. There are two scene in the movie that touched me so much I cried two tears because it made so much sense. I don't want to spoil the movie so if you want to see It STOP READING THIS RIGHT NOW, COME BACK AFTER YOU HAVE SEEN IT!! If you have seen it read on. Like I was saying the two scenes that clicked so well with my life was when she told this older guy in the movie "but I love him!" and he said "so love him. When you think of him send him love and light and drop it" Now isn't that the truth!! We have all been there right? After a break up(if it was what you thought was the love of your life) after the dust settles and you are tired and confused of remembering everything you said and what you argued about and what the problem seemed to be and whose fault it was the place where you are just tired but at the end of the day still feel love for them no matter what they did or didn't do. I relate. About three years ago my heart was broken the worst time in my life. It had taken me so long to move on from there. I did something wrong and I compromise my self worth because I didn't love myself enough. I tried to blame it on him but in reality it was me. People will only treat you the way you let them treat you. And I let him treat me like I wasn't worth anything because I thought loved him more than I loved myself. These three years its been so many times I have thought about him and about how our life could have been. How we talked about getting married and how we seemed to love each other so much. I have gone over over the things I did wrong and all the things he did wrong. But it was for nothing. Dueling didn't get me anywhere. This movie reminded me of that meaning of LOVE. Love means caring for someone even if you don't see them or touch or write to them or even communicate with them. Its wishing them well. Like the guy said send them love and light but them drop it because sooner or later you think of them less and less. Getting over a break up is hard and everyone has to do it on their own terms. No matter if it takes months or three years or a life time. I'm really glad I saw that movie. There is a scene in the movie when she is imagining that she is talking to her x husband and he is telling her I love you and I miss you and she says the same thing then love me and miss me but when you think of me send me love and light and drop it, it will get easier. So I will take that advise from now on. Send him love and light but them on to the next thought, I have a life waiting out there for me now and always.

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