Monday, December 25, 2017

Year End 2017...

So yesterday I was at my one of my best friend's house. We celebrated Christmas with the her family and after we opened gifts we played games. Yes, I said games. We played family feud I bought at Five Below. It was amazing and so much fun! Today I was coming back from spending time with my sisters and I was like! I'm so blessed to know this group of people. They are so amazing, they love me for the person that I am and don't judge me. I can be me around them. The silly person who I am. I'm so happy God put them in my life. They are my family and we have an unbreakable bond. We have been friends for more than 25 years and it just keeps getting better. Some people never have long term friend and I have a whole family worth. Pleased I have a good job which I complain about but at least I have a job. I helps me pay my house and put food on the table and lets me take my mom on vacations too! All in all God is good to me and my family. What did I learn this year? I learned that not everyone in your life will be happy for you. That there are people that disguise themselves as friends but aren't. Which I did know before but it's seems like I might have needed a refresher. I learned to mind map and that has been really great for me. It's helps me see the loops in my thinking and lets me make list so I can accomplish things. I'm looking forward to next year. I want to be closer to my sisters and my nephews. I need to spend more time with them. I also need to take my Ebay thing more serious. I need to stop being lazy with it. Go back to school, even if it is one class to start. But this year was about learning to care and appreciate what I have. Sometimes we complaint but we have to learn to appreciate what we have. There are so many people in this world that don't have a place to live or even food to eat. If we have that we are already ahead. I have no doubt in my mind that God has a plan for me next year. So even though I don't know what it is I'm happy to trust in Him that he knows what's best for me.