Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Ebay continued...Don't know how to feel...& a life update

Ok so today I was wondering about this one guy that bought a lot of shirts from me a few months ago. Anyways I looked up his account and of course what I thought was happening is happening. So he bought my shirt so he could sell them him self. So I don't know how to feel about that...I guess it's my fault that I priced my stuff too cheap to where he saw he could take advantage of that. But then I think well I'm still glad I had a good day from him. So he bought like 17 shirts from me for over 200 and he's selling them for twice he paid from me. I can't be mad at him it's my fault. Well because of that I now have changed all my listings to buy it now and no more haggling if they want it they will pay the price I list on there. There is this other guy that sells ties and he does the same thing. I know about this other guy that sell shoes...same thing. So I changed all my fixed listing to buy it nows. I hope that helps me out. I will keep an eye out to see if that helps my sells. Also I'm going on a cruise with my mom again. This time we are going to the Bahamas. Why does that always make me want to sing kokomo by the beach boys? I love that song, dude! I'm so happy that God is going to let me take my mom on a nice long vacation. She deserves it. Back to the ebay thing, can you believe that guy even stole one of my pix to put in his ad? Maybe that's what I'm most mad about. IDK. Or maybe I'm mad because I work so hard to put up nice pix and price my stuff to sell and I saw his ads and they look like shit but people at buying it a twice the price with no effort for him. Yeah, that is it. Well I guess ounce again it's my fault because I have not advertised on my YT channel and taken advantage of the people I have access to... I don't know. Me watching all these YT people makes me want to get back on YT and document all these shenanigans since I became a re-seller. Well shall see...


G. Xiomara

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