Friday, November 4, 2016

Trying something New to me...

So I'm sure I have expressed MANY times my desire to leave my job but as we all know I have bills. I am responsible for the mortgage and car and insurance and light and telephone and cell phone among some other stuff. So leaving my job just isn't an option. So I have starting taking the steps to just make a little extra money on the side with eBay. It started because I saw some videos on YouTube about some people doing just that . In particular Nicole States. She made a video that caught my attention because she called it something like how I left my corporate job and went full time with eBay and made 108k in my first year. She tells her story about how she left her job because of one of her kids and how later her husband lost his job and then they both dedicated them self to eBay. I find it to be an amazing story because it could happen to anyone. One day you have a stable job or so you think but then in a blink of an eye you could be handed a pink slip. But they made the best of it and now they are really happy because he is doing what he loves and she loves what she is doing as well. Anyways I love that when I hear about people that are happy following their dreams. It makes me believe that I can do the same. Well so I do have a dream which is to get out of debt, not that it's a crazy amount it's just the normal like I said it's mostly my house. But I think about how much happier I would be if I was debt free! OMG! not only that if I could do it part time. And make sure I write down my mistakes so that I could share them so other people don't make them. Anyways. so all this blog came about because I sold my first shirt on eBay today. It was so cool to see that it say so and so sold and now it's time to ship. Anyways I feel like this might change my life which is so cool. I LOVE to shop but most of all I love to make money. Well I'll write about this in a few weeks and see how everything is going. Thanks for reading!

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