Thursday, May 7, 2015

Romantic dinner (alone)

So this week I've been on vacation and I decided to take a road trip. So I have lived in TX most of my life and have never been to south padre island. I booked the hotel (which was amazing for the price bwt). It took me 7 hours to drive here from Houston only becuase I had to stop at a lot of gas stations to pee. I drink a lot of water...anyways. I thought the water was going to be more clear than it was. It wasnt but a native told me since it was choppy water it looked dirty but she said normally its blue green. I took all day on wednesday to sit by the water and just relaxed. I got all red. But I loved it. Just thinking about everything thats going on in my life. You know just trying to make sense of it all. I didn't really get any resolve to it but I know everything is in God's hands and he's writing my story. I have to be grateful for what I do have and in most people's eyes I have a lot.

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