Thursday, February 23, 2017

A thought and a prayer...

So as I get older and older ( last month I turned 37) I'm in this faise of my life where I want to make sence of it all. Yesterday I had a thought...I saw this lady who was clearly sick, cancer most likely. Her family was well off or at least way better off then my family. I thought man I bet she and her family would be so happy to give every penny they had to make this lady healthy again. And then I think Im lucky I'm healthy and I'm lucky my mom is healthy...Sometimes its takes putting your self in someone else's shoes to get things into perspective. Im always complaining about my job when I at least have a job. Some people don't have that. I'm complaining about how I dont have money to buy the stuff I want but in reality I have way more stuff in my house I don't use or will ever use. After seeing that lady it reminds me to take advantage that in young and healthy still. I wanted to ask her if she regreted anything...I wanted to ask her if she wanted to do stuff off her list...but I didn't. It would have been inappropriate. So now my only option is to pray for her and her family. So God if you are out there, please make this lady healthy again or at least if this how you'll take her, let her go without pain or regrets, thank you.