Thursday, October 28, 2010

Following my calling

You always here in the movies and from people that its the right thing to do to follow your dreams, right? I know growing up that's all I heard. But you know what an awful feeling? For me was when I was grown up and still not knowing what to do or what to move towards. Yes, I have a good job but I stumbled in to it when I was 22. And I have been there ever since but going through the motions isn't good enough for me anymore. I even stumbled on to makeup back in the fall of 2007. I remember going on youtube to look for an tutorial on smokey eye and that started the obsession. Damn, but what an obsession it has become. From then I have taken a few classes on regular make up and one on airbrush makeup and every time I make someone up and they love the way they look it brings me happiness nothing else on earth has ever given me. Similar but not equal to the satisfaction I get at work when I teach someone how to balance their check book ,understand something they didn't know about or the tricks to saving money. Since this new craving from knowledge in this subject I have become pretty frustrated in trying to find a school here in Houston that teaches makeup (we do have beauty school that deal with mostly hair) to no avail. We are pretty deprived of those kinds of schools I'm sad to say. But Thank God I found one in NYC. Well Brooklyn to be exact. And I'm headed there the second week of next month. Tickets are bought the class is paid off and I'm set to start this new journey of my life.I'm sad but then more excited that anything else. One day I dream of opening up my own business here in Houston that just deals with makeup. Maybe one day a school who know the possibilities are endless. Lately I have been really glad that I have God in my life guiding me to where I needed to be. It's like he is opening the doors to my happiness and all I had to do was stumble on to it. For my profession I read a lot of books on the subject of money. Once I read something that makes a lot of sence now. The books said that you should not look to find money, your propose is not to look for it because then it will escape you. You should look for whatever it is that you love to do,  something like find whatever it is that you would do for free all day everyday if you could and do that, then and only then you will attract money. Most of my 20s I loved teaching people about money and how it worked and I was fine with that. But the last lesson would always be money doesn't make you happy and sometimes I feel like I'm my own teacher. Because it doesn't. It's just went the long way. So I leave you with tonight that this feels right I have peace in my mind that I'm doing the right thing. Little by little I'm gonna do it because since I now know what it is that's what I'm going to be focusing on. Thank God He's with me!

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